Tagus Cove, ISABELA ISLAND - The Galapagos Islands

Named after a British warship which anchored here in 1814, this cove is located to the west of the island and you can take a panga (zodiac) trip below the high cliffs. Here there is an opportunity to see penguins as well as marine iguanas, Sally Lightfoot crabs and sea lions. Blue-footed boobies are also in abundance.

The Galapagos Islands


About Tagus Cove


  • Activities: Long hike, snorkeling, panga ride
  • Difficulty: Moderate/ Difficult
  • Type of Landing: Dry landing
  • Highlights & Animals: Pirate graffiti on the rocks, Penguins, Blue Flightless Cormorants,marine iguanas, Sally Lightfoot crabs, sea lions, blue-footed boobies, green sea turtles, lava lizards, mockingbirds